customs declaration software

JCON, make IT work

JCON knows the sector through and through. Besides the customs sector this also includes the world of IT and development. Developing software is our business. The boys from JCON set out to gain knowledge in the professional field. At the time the business manager still worked with the old SADBEL customs system, and rewrote the DOS customs program from Software Design nv for Windows with his own hand. Then WinSAD saw the light of day, for the fast and simple validation of customs documents. 


15 years of experience, more than 200 users, more than 1 million documents drawn up and validated by our WinSAD customs software each year… there was careful deliberation in our work and that is appreciated by our customers. The problems in the customs world and all possible errors were documented. We have good contact with the national customs help desks and are a member of CRSNP.BE (customs-related). All knowledge was collated in a rewarding WinSAD knowledge database that enables us to act quickly and accurately, to offer support and to develop. Because every second counts!

WinSAD forms a part of JCON in Beerse (2009). We are a software company focusing on the development of WINSAD (customs software), CARLOGIC and customised software. Our team guarantees years of experience in the business, a thorough hands-on mentality and endeavours for transparency, quality and service. We don’t work with ridiculous prices, waiting times or killer deals. What we do offer is stable software with room for customisation. That makes us unique, just like our new logo, the DNA symbol. 


Do you have any specific questions or needs? Contact us today or discover what we can mean to your company with WinSAD.